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Mushy 1


Only after Jerry saw a rat as big as a dog entering my feed room was I allowed a cat. Mushy arrived from a charity in London rehoming feral cats. No longer is she feral but she continues to do an awesome job. No rats around us anymore now she has taken to culling baby rabbits and the odd bat to keep her skills hones should any rat be stupid enough to turn up.

tia maria


Our sweet Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Her perfect day is staying in bed until after 11, strolling out to the paddock where she spends her entire afternoon howling at anything that takes her fancy before ambling back to the kitchen for tea. Her favourite place to sleep is snuggled on the sofa with her head hidden thinking she is invisible.

Photo Credit - www.mark-harvey.com

Bolli 1


Known as Bolli, he is the smartest Jack Russell to walk the planet. Able to open all doors including stables, his favourite pastime is chasing balls. He will run until he is exhausted and then dashes for his favourite bucket, jumps in to cool down in his “bath”.

Photo Credit - www.mark-harvey.com

Hendricks 1


Our newest and most bonkers addition to the pack. Dalmation through and through he is as naughty and hard headed as they come but is so cute and endearing you just have to forgive him everything.


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