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My long suffering husband who, bless his cottons, allows me to indulge in my passion. Fortunately, he has one of his own, golf, which means that neither of us are widows to each others time consuming hobbies.

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My beautiful daughter, who only had a fleeting interest in horses but can always be relied upon to help me out when I need her.

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October 2017, saw the welcome arrival of Heather and her wonderful sheepdog, Jack, She has coped with my OCD of bed cleanliness and keeps my yard running like a precision swiss watch. Her skills her invaluable. This winter she has had the patience of saint, long reining Mr Stretch, no easy task when someone long ago did a terrible job. My baby Benjii has profited too. She is the Master of the Art, don’t be fooled, to do this right is complicated and needs a deep understanding of Biomechanics, which she has in Spades.


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Sometimes you get stuck and you just have to be brave enough to try someone new. I did – finally. In 4 months I had a gazillion of light bulb moments, explained to me in language that I understand that has allowed Mr Stretch and I to speak the same language. I can not only see the difference but finally I can feel it and still those light bulb moments keep coming. Positive encouragement, rebuilding my confidence, helping me to see that I am not so bad after all and a belief that I really can reach my goals. Thank you Mr C, you saved me.

07762 782125

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Fab physio who makes sure that my huge boy’s soft tissue is functioning correctly. Nicky’s attention to detail, amazingly detailed reports, cheery visits and advice are always welcome on my yard.

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07796 615664

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The best vet on the planet as far as I am concerned. He can be relied upon for no nonsense, straight to the point advice and treatment.

01488 73733


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When Stretch started headshaking I thought that I was done for until I found Sue. Not only is she an amazing chiro she has spearheaded research and therapy into the management of headshaking using electro acupuncture. She is vital in ensuring that Stretch is able to compete especially in summer.

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07866 431888

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We have been through a few saddles together, with the changing shape of Stretch! I can always rely on Kate (and Sue) to bail me out, normally at short notice even when I ask for the impossible.


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My great new farrier. Always smiling, always helpful and even turns up on Bank holidays!! Not to mention great shoes...and my stud holes are properly done and plugged to keep out pesky stones

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07899 981737


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Equine Dental Services

I found Victoria a few years ago when I had some problems. Her complete dedication and commitment to her skill is fantastic to watch, there is no rushing Victoria, every nook and cranny is explored to make sure my guys have healthy teeth, gums and mouth. Not only that, but she always has great stories and we always end up in fits of giggles.

07885 966449


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