24 May

Stretch's first day back at work - 23rd May

Stretch back at work!

Hand still broken, not mending fast enough. Gary to the rescue, not to mention Bolli who has to accompany any lunging session in the hope that a ball will be thrown!

12 Apr

Cross Country Sapey - 12th April Part 2

Cross Country at Sapey 12th April Part 2

Our stops at the upturned blue boat, a lot going on at and around the fence, shoulders not far enough back, though on the third attempt it was sorted though no power in my left hand. We completed the course without any further issues. Best news, only 6.4 time faults even with the stops!!

12 Apr

Cross Country Sapey - 12th April Part 1

Cross Country at Sapey 12th April Part 1

Our test to see if he could stay the course with his wind problem. There were a few fences I was worried about but had Warren in my ears shouting shoulder!!



12 Apr

BE100 Dressage Sapey – 12th April 2017

BE100 Dressage Test at Sapey – 12th April 2017

Nine months since we were out competing BE!! Stretch felt like he was going to explode in the warm-up. I was pretty happy with the performance although suppleness was our main issue!!

12 Apr

Show Jumping Sapey - 12th April 2017

Show Jumping at Sapey 12th April 2017

Very little course practise, so he was rather excited. Fence 3 was the stop which broke my hand but other than that he is starting to ping.

15 Mar

XC Schooling At Tweseldown - March 2017

XC Schooling at Tweseldown – 15th March 2017

Taking advantage of the ability to use the BE Course, Stretch and I schooled the Novice course getting ready for our move from 100 to Novice under the watchful eye of Warren Lamperd.

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