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You may have noticed from a previous blog that I am a convert to top notch brushes, a dedicated follower of Haas Brushes. Recently I learned the error of my ways when talking to the Managing Director of Haas. I am no longer a sucker for marketing spin and have now realised that these brushes can be used on any colour horse - if you have the right set. So if you are looking for great brushes and a fab set of bags, once you have read this blog then click straight to Someh for some amazing bargains. 

Like most of my friends, my brushes have lived in various different places. They have lived in old feed buckets, those awful plastic trays that get completely filthy and your brushes with them, I even tried a couple of bags but they were badly designed and I could never find anything. I returned to my old habit of the plastic tray with the handle and lived with the dirt.

Don’t even get me started on the grooming products, they are lined up around an empty stable balancing precariously on the kickboards.

imagesThen there are the stable gremlins.They drive me nuts! They are forever moving my brushes, putting them in places I would never put them, I lose them for weeks on end and then miraculously they reappear.

Oh, of course, don’t forget the dogs. Both my Dalmatian and Jack have a penchant for hoof picks, small brushes, the odd grooming bottle and the polishing mitt. If I leave them laying around then they are gone.

I also have quite a number of boots and bandages. They live in various places around the stable and garage. There is no set place exactly. When they are washed they tend to sit on the washing line in the garage “drying” for a number of weeks or until I need them again. I have used the bags that the matchy matchy come in but they fall apart in seconds, don’t really keep the dirt out and they look pretty shabby, pretty quickly.

What I needed was some organisation in my life.

Then I fell over the nice people from Somèh.

The mothership is a big German bag manufacturer and Somèh is their new equestrian arm. Germans are very good at many things amongst them order, engineering, detail, technical design and durability. You only have to look at BMW, Mercedes Benz and Porsche. They also research properly. So it won’t surprise you to know that the guys at Somèh did a lot of research talking to riders, amongst them one of my heroines, Ingrid Klimke. They came up with a plan and I have to tell you, this bag is dynamite.

From chaos Brushes!!

From a practical standpoint the material just wipes clean, very important as it seems that we are getting more than our fair share of mud every year. It has little rubber feet so I am not too worried about putting it on the floor, and the shoulder strap…………the posh word is ergonomically designed, but I will tell you that it sits on my shoulder beautifully, it doesn’t cut in and it stays put.

The inside is smart in the clever sense of the word. It has 12 compartments which are all adjustable so no matter how big or small the stuff you want to put in is, you can adjust it to your hearts content. My Haas brushes need to be used in order so I now have them placed to I know the sequence for each horse, I did try Sharpies but the “permanent” ink just rubs off!

Not only that but I have a pocket for bridle numbers – something I always loose and can never find as I am rushing around like a headless chicken to get to a competition – and I have somewhere to put passports, which I always leave behind, and live in fear that someone is going to come checking, not only that I can even lock the pocket!

It is well made and strong with a good quality zip. I have been using mine for a couple of months now and I have to say I am impressed by my new-found tidiness. Strangely, I also seem to have banished the gremlins, they haven’t appeared for a while now.

From chaos 1

Bandages, Bandages everywhere!!

Back to the thorny subject of bandages. Well first I always seem to have only 3 polo bandages, the fourth always disappears, never to be seen again. Although saying that, an orange one did reappear, but it seemed to have been somewhat eaten – dogs, mice or what? My husband is always asking just how many of these bandages and leg wraps do you need then? Well actually quite a few!!

Then there is the question of jumping boots and cross-country boots. Oh and not forgetting over reach boots. I did have a box but I think it was a time warp of some description or the gateway to some kind of parallel universe because things always went missing just when I need them most!!

My new organised life means for Eventing, dressage boots are in one bag, jumping boots and over reaches in another and Cross-Country boots in the third. One less panic attack! I have turned over a new leaf. Now, I am organised. When I am running out to do some dressage I simply grab my bag with bandages and wraps. Did I mention that there is a clear window?  Even idiot me  doesn't grab the wrong bag anymore!

So, thank you Somèh, you have saved me from a chaotic and frenzied being into one of pure organisation, well at least for my bandages, boots and grooming kit!

You can now find these great bags at Someh

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