21 Nov

Haas Brushes Review - Are all brushes created equal?

Have you heard of Haas Brushes for grey horses, for coloured horses, for bright bay/chestnut horses, for black/dark bay horses? I had and I wanted to check them out. 

I was brought up in the old way with dandy brushes, body brushes and metal curry combs, where elbow grease and sweaty hard work were the order of the day. When I got my horses back a few years ago now, I simply replicated what I had been taught.

Watching Facebook you cannot have failed to have seen adverts and posts from Eqclusive about THE new way to groom your horse. I have seen supportive comments, disparaging comments, disbelieving comments and everything in between. My curiosity was piqued and so I decided to invest in some and see for myself if it was true or false.

So what brushes to buy?

Stretch900x600Having a bright bay, a dark bay and a very pink roan I really only had one choice and that was the universal pack so I could cope with everything – as my mare is in foal I have no idea what will come out this time, so even if it is black I am ready!

A lovely box appeared with all the seven brushes neatly packed inside and instructions on which brush to use for which colour. Out of the 7, 5 Brushes for my dark bay, 4 brushes for my Bright Bay and 4 for my roan plus the curry comb. Now you may be thinking WHAT!! You can’t be serious……

Here is the secret

Dependent on the colour of your horse, their coat and skin texture is different. The next secret is top quality horsehair brushes designed for specific coat type and finally the sequence you use them in.


My horses are grubby tykes and they always find the best and muddiest place to roll. I started off on my big bright bay boy all 18 hands of him. The innovative curry comb got all the dried and caked on mud off easily and gave him an invigorating massage at the same time. The first brush took off all the residue mud, dust and brought all the dirt to the surface, the second brush removed everything that the first brush brought to the surface, the third brush (which is my favourite) really gets to grips with all the grey stuff (dander) in the coat and starts to polish. I always thought my horses were clean but these brushes take it to a whole new level.  The last brush is the pamper brush, this one creates the gloss on the coat but above all it is now the Stretch man’s favourite brush and if I even think about not doing it, I get a shunt from him to tell me to get on with it. He loves his grooming session and it not happy that they are over too quickly.

If you have a grey or a roan and don’t have a Schimmel brush then I sympathise with you. They are the best things since sliced bread, once you have had one, you will wonder what you ever did without it!

Finally, my cantankerous bay mare who hates to be brushed at all and especially not anywhere close to her tummy. To my amazement she tolerated it, even on her stomach and for the first time ever I was not avoiding sly cow kicks. Today, she is happy to be groomed as she knows the Diva brush (the last polish brush and aptly named for her) will be coming for her head pamper!

Time and Effort

Let me tell you that I am far, far quicker with four brushes than I ever was before. I am not anywhere near as sweaty and the final finish is startling to behold. I am always getting comments on how shiny my horse is. Good feeding and a balanced diet has a lot to do with it there is no denying that, but great grooming tools ensure sparkly horses 365 days a year. No cheating required and by that I mean spraying silicone onto my horse!!

So impressed was I by the Universal pack that I also have bought the Alan Davies pack. This is a different system that works on static but the results are equally as startling. I have my Eqclusive brushes for daily grooming and the Alan Davies pack live on my lorry. Alan has included a fab hoof pick with a pick that fits stud holes exactly, a great quarter marker if you are in to that not to mention the brushes! For me at competitions they are a godsend. 

I have added to my brushes with the mane and tail brush, no more ripping out of healthy hair from tails and the best hoof brush on the planet, soft and strong at the same time which minimises the risk of mudfever and ensures I always have clean hooves and especially frogs!

Price and Performance


Now there is no denying that these brushes are cheap. They are not. It all depends on how important you believe the welfare of your horse is and this is down to you. For me it is paramount especially at this time of year when we are depriving them of sunlight with rugs. Anything I can do to ensure the health of my guys skin and coat gets the tick of approval.

Just in case you were wondering, you wash them in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and leave them to air dry and they look virtually new again. No - they should never be put in the washing machine or dishwasher!

A cautionary word, as with everyone who invents something good, there are always people who try to get on the bandwagon without the correct levels of knowledge, this system and these brushes are no exception. Having done my research there is only one authorised distributor in the UK for these brushes and that is Eqclusive. If your brushes don’t originate from them then don’t buy them.

The Verdict

If you want to save yourself hours, not work up too much of a sweat, have great partnership building time with your horse, have a horse with a healthy coat and be glimmering into the bargain, brushes that last (and they should last a lifetime if you look after them) then there is only once choice in my humble opinion.

 Brushes from Eqclusive

Horse Photos courtesy of Daydream Equine Art

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